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How to Sketch From References Using Basic Shapes - Video Tutorial & PSD File

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How to Sketch From References Using Basic Shapes - Video Tutorial & PSD File

Fernando Nunes
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This is a real-time walk-through video tutorial with in-context explanations of my thoughts and techniques when it came to sketching this character using references from sketch.

You will learn how to have ideas, take your references and sketch a stylised character illustration, touching on many topics and filled with my thoughts, tips and tricks as I'm needing to use them to accomplish this particular character design/illustration. Everything I talk about is related to this Octopus Mermaid character.

This is not ❌

This isn't a focused course on any one particular area like rendering, lighting, stylisation, perspective, photoshop etc.


  • What tools do I need?
    • A computer, iPad/tablet that runs any standard digital drawing software (like Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio, Krita etc)
  • Do I really need Photoshop?
    • No. You just need any digital art software that can handle layers, layer modes and masking (which most do).
  • Is this also for beginners?
    • When I discovered my style, I've been thinking why it is how it is, spent some times on this question and realized the answer. Besides creating a default process, our art style is defined by how you see the world + technical skills + a mix of your references + frequency.Learning something new puts us in other perspective and evolves us in several aspects mentioned above, this is something I would have loved to of had when I was starting out.
  • What if I don't understand something?
    • If something isn't working or you don't understand something, reach out to me via DM's and I'd be happy to clarify anything that doesn't make sense.

Coming Soon

I am working on new video tutorials which I explain all the process to render your sketch on Adobe Illustrator. The final result you can check below and I'm excited to finish the walkthrough video.

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