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Color Swatches Collection by Fernando Nunes

Fernando Nunes
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This is my meticulously curated color collection derived from a selection of 16 unique artworks. Within this collection, you'll find an array of 16 distinct palettes, each offering 4 variations, resulting in a grand total of 320 captivating colors. For Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Palettes included:

✔️ Space Juice
✔️ The Archer
✔️ Fantasy Play
✔️ Midnight Bubblegum
✔️ Halloween Acid
✔️ Halloween Coral
✔️ Cachorro Loko
✔️ Marine Corals
✔️ Galaxy Dream
✔️ Honey Bee
✔️ Blue Wolf
✔️ Mystic Tiger
✔️ Astro DJ
✔️ Electro ET
✔️ Astro Dragon

Files included:

✔️ .ASE file
✔️ .AI file
✔️ .PDF file (How to)


I want you happy! If you have problems with the package, I will try to solve it. If you just don't like them, I can refund it or if you want to replace to anything else from my Gumroad is valid too 😊.

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Color Swatches Collection by Fernando Nunes

1 rating
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