Mastering Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator - Full Illustration Tutorial

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From the basics to polished and professional illustration

Unlock the secrets of creating stunning digital illustrations using the power of Adobe Illustrators' Mesh tool. Join me on an exciting journey as I dive into the world of superhero artwork and explore the endless possibilities of mesh gradients. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this masterclass is designed to elevate your illustration skills to new heights.

In this comprehensive tutorial serie, you'll learn step-by-step how to recreate the iconic Spider-Man using the Mesh tool. From creating the basic outline to mastering the intricate details, you'll discover the techniques used by me to bring your favorite web-slinger, and other characters to life.

The product covers 📦

  • Introduction to the Mesh tool: Get acquainted with the Mesh tool and learn its functionalities, enabling you to create realistic shading and gradients.
  • Building the mesh: Dive into the heart of the tutorial, where you'll learn how to construct the mesh grid, strategically placing anchor points to achieve the desired shading effects.
  • Color blending and shading: Discover the art of color blending and shading with the Mesh tool. Learn how to choose and apply the perfect hues to achieve depth and dimension in your artwork.
  • Refining details: Fine-tune your illustration by refining details such as Spider-Man's costume, facial features, and web patterns. Enhance the realism of your artwork by adding intricate touches.
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting: Gain insights into common challenges that illustrators face and learn effective problem-solving techniques. Discover how to overcome hurdles and make your illustrations look polished and professional.
  • Access to the source file of your favorite character such as Rick Sanchez, Pikachu, Homer Simpson and Spiderman created with Mesh Tool. You'll definitely get inspired with these files.
  • Real-time sketching video: Follow my drawing process, in this video I show how I build Spider-man on my sketchbook from basic shapes. Except this one, this is a video without voice-over but I cover the entire process of drawing him.

By the end of this masterclass, you'll have gained valuable insights and practical skills to create stunning illustrations using the Mesh tool. Whether you're an aspiring illustrator, a comic book fan, or simply looking to expand your creative abilities, this tutorial series is a must-have for your digital art collection.

Video sample 🎬


  • What tools do I need to get the result?
    • A computer and Adobe Illustrator software for the colored characters. A pencil and a paper for the sketchbook drawing video.
  • Can I create this illustration in photoshop?
    • In short, no. Mesh Tool is only available on Illustrator, but again, you can follow the sketching process on your favorite drawing software (like Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio, Krita etc).
  • I'm a beginner, is this product for me?
    • From my perspective, this is something that would have been really valuable for me when I was starting out. And since it’s a one-time purchase, you can always come back to certain parts later on as you grow.
  • What if I don't understand something?
    • I hear you! But don’t worry, it’s common to have difficulty with certain parts of a course. If something isn’t clicking, take a break and come back to it later. And if you’re still having trouble, feel free to send me a DM and I’ll be happy to help clarify anything that doesn’t make sense.

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In this debut tutorial, I walk you through my process for creating this stylised character from sketch to rendered painting.

Full Video Tutorial - Illustration with Mesh tool (English and Portuguese Audio)
Full Video - Drawing with pencil and sketchbook
Spider-man Illustration Source File (.Ai)
Rick Sanchez Illustration Source File (.Ai)
Pikachu Illustration Source File (.Ai)
Homer Simpson Illustration Source File (.Ai)
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Mastering Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator - Full Illustration Tutorial

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