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The Intergalactic Juicy Supply - All Access

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This is a collection of all my brushes, colors, textures, source files and styles that I use on Adobe Illustrator. I wraped up everything and named it as The Intergalactic Juicy Supply. It contains everything you need to get inspired and improve your artwork on Adobe Illustrator. You will have lifetime updates related to this package.

Irregular/Liquid Brushes

The brush pack allows you to simulate random hand pressure, bringing a juicy aspect to your outlines and an authentic result on your artwork.

📦 21+ Irregular Strokes & Brushes

📦 1 PDF - How to use

📦 1 Video - How to use

Grain & Glowing / Neon & Noising Inking Brushes

Draw crispy and brightly in Adobe Illustrator with The Intergalactic Grain & Glowing / Neon & Noising Inking Brushes. Ideal for texturing, shading, glittering, shinnying, sparkling and finishing effects. 

📦 29 Brushes for Adobe Illustrator;

📦 10 Complementary Graphic Styles;

📦 1 How to setup the Brushes and the Graphic Style;

Seamless Snake Brush Pattern for Adobe Illustrator

The perfect tool for adding a touch of nature and wildness to your projects. These brushes are designed to give you a stylish and seamless snake skin pattern that can be used for creating backgrounds, textures, and patterns for your designs.

📦 35 Snake Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Mastering Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Unlock the secrets of creating stunning digital illustrations using the power of Adobe Illustrators' Mesh tool. Join me on an exciting journey as I dive into the world of superhero artwork and explore the endless possibilities of mesh gradients. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this masterclass is designed to elevate your illustration skills to new heights.

📦 Full Video Tutorial - Illustration with Mesh tool (English and Portuguese Audio)

📦 Full Video ASMR - Drawing with pencil and sketchbook

📦 Spider-man Illustration Source File (.Ai)

📦 Rick Sanchez Illustration Source File (.Ai)

📦 Pikachu Illustration Source File (.Ai)

📦 Homer Simpson Illustration Source File (.Ai)

The Secrets Behind My Colors eBook + 30 Color Swatches for Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Still don't know how to color? Let me help you to understand it, let me show step by step how I create my colorful illustrations.I will teach you everything you need to know to create the most beautiful color combinations, which will further enhance your artwork.

📦 1 E-Book (The Secrets Behind My Colors - A Practical Color Guide) (40 pages). (English/Portuguses);

📦 30 Harmonic Color Combination for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (300 Unique and different colors).

Illustration Tutorial: Fantasy Galaxy (Character, Creature & Scene Design)

This pack allows you to understand the concept about how to make characters from zero. The technique is applicable also for Adobe Illustrator, Procreate & Softwares with layer management. 

📦 1 eBook Illustration Tutorial (59 Pages) - How to draw and color in Photoshop (But the technique is applicable also for Adobe Illustrator, Procreate & Softwares with layer management);

📦 1 Speed Video Process Platypus Illustration (28 seg);

📦 1 Sketch.psd Original file;

📦1 Final Art.psd Original File.

Birds, Insects & Characters Source Files 

You'll get 7 illustrations of Birds and Insects + 8 Fantasy Characters (Adobe Illustrator File) that have been organized so that you can quickly understand each one's underlying painting process. Their layers are all preserved, which will allow you to understand how I make different creative decisions using different layer management. To preview which illustrations are in the package, swipe through the product images above.

📦 8 Original files;

📦 7 Flying Original files.


📦 4 Live Wallpapers - Deep Sea Illustrations Pack

📦 26 Animals Wallpapers & Original files.


I want you happy! If you have problems with the package within the first 7 days, I will try to solve it, I can refund it or if you want to replace to anything else from my Gumroad is valid too 😊.

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The Intergalactic Juicy Supply - All Access

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